“I felt respected and heard”

I recommend Builder’s Commonwealth, and would rank them as a five-star builder. Without question or hesitation, you could trust your home in their care. Their level of integrity and excellent craftsmanship has surpassed any of my possible expectations.

Bill and Shane are working with me to retrofit cabinetry to allow me better access from my wheelchair. I live in a modest bungalow built in 1921. The floors have settled a bit in the last hundred years. My cabinetry lacked any glides. I had hinges that left my cabinet doors crooked. And most of all, I was not able to access things in my kitchen or closets without help.

Bill arrived to bid the project, and from the moment he came into my home, I felt respected and heard by him with each idea or concern. I was nervous, and I felt that I was asking for too much. I have not always been in a wheelchair, and this was new to me.

Shane has impeccable workmanship and care as he retrofits and installs my new cabinet drawers and shelving. I’ve watched him face some tough challenges with patience and humor as he accomplishes each task. I highly recommend Builder’s Commonwealth. I am absolutely satisfied with their excellent work and attention to detail. Their work here is astounding, and best of all, my dogs LOVE THEM! Don’t hesitate- these are the people you can trust with your home.

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